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Print/Photocopy Rights

for the

Teacher Guide


It is illegal to print, copy, share, or resell consumable workbooks. However, we understand the budget constraints of many private schools, co-ops, and homeschool families. Therefore, we are selling reprintable worksheet and exam rights for only $2/student! (Teacher Guide only, this does not include the textbook.)

How does this work? The original purchase price of the Teacher Guide covers its use for one student. So, you are covered if you are a homeschool parent using this with a single child. Everyone else, including homeschool families, co-ops, and private schools with 2+ students, must purchase a physical or digital Teacher Guide (which covers the first student) and then pay $2 for each additional student taking the class.

For example, a homeschool family with three children would pay an additional $4, and a private school with fourteen students would pay $26.

This payment provides teachers with the right to print (from the digital version) or photocopy (from the perforated physical version) worksheets, exams, etc., for each student that has been legally paid for.

Save $$$, obey the law, and help support our family-friendly project!

For only $2/student, you receive ALL of the following:

  • Modifiable Syllabus
  • Attendance and Grading Sheets
  • “Terms to Describe Art” Handout
  • “Instructions for Papers” Handout
  • (28) Weekly Student Worksheets (or Discussion Questions for Group Classes)
  • (4) Exams (including a cumulative Final Exam)


Plus, the Teacher Guide itself contains all of the instructions and answer keys, so parents/teachers can focus on teaching, rather than lesson and exam preparation!

This was the fairest and most economical alternative to a separate teacher guide and student workbook that we could come up with — which would have cost schools and families a whole lot more. In turn, we ask that you please contribute to the exorbitant cost (in both time and materials) to produce this work by purchasing a Textbook for each individual family/student/teacher and paying the per-student Print Rights for the Teacher Guide.

We thank you in advance for your support!