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Tax & Returns

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Digital Downloads

I ordered a digital book. How do I download it?  Thank you for your purchase! After checking out through Paypal, you will be redirected to our site. Simply visit your Account page here on and navigate to the Downloads tab. (Occasionally, payments may take longer to clear, in which case downloads may not be available immediately.)

How long do I have to download my digital books?  Download links are only available for 72 hours from the time they are made available in your Account. We suggest you download these immediately following purchase. Please bear in mind that the Digital Textbook can take anywhere from 5-15 minutes to download, depending on your internet connection. You have a limited number of download attempts, so please ensure your computer is ready and you have the time available to complete the download.

What do I need on my computer/tablet to view the digital books?  If you don’t already have it, you will need Adobe Reader or Adobe Digital Editions installed on your device, or in some cases, a PDF viewing app. Most computers already have Adobe installed, but if not, you can download Adobe Reader here for free. Once you download the book, you can view it without an internet connection.

Teaching & Course Work

I don’t know anything about art history. Can I really teach this class?  Yes! With the textbook and teacher guide, you have everything you need to teach art history to 1 or 100+ students. Have fun learning with them as you explore the fascinating world of art history!

I know the site says this curriculum provides a full credit for high school students, but can my middle school child take the class?  If your child studies at a high school level already, then yes, you can use this material with them. In fact, the author had several advanced middle school students take her high school classes over the years, and they loved it!

How many lessons are included for the full-credit course? The textbook contains 19 chapters and was designed for use as a full-year course spanning (2) 18-week semesters (36 weeks total). However, the Teacher Guide provides details for shortening the course to as little as (2) 15-week semesters (30 weeks+) for co-ops/schools with shorter semesters. It is best to allow at least 1 hour/week of classroom time for schools completing the discussion questions and exams in class. This will leave students with approximately 3-4 hours of homework per week, including readings, exam preparation and completion of required papers.

Can the material be condensed into a single semester?  Completing the full-credit course in a single semester is possible by doubling up on weekly readings and completing exams/papers in half the time, as some universities have begun doing. However, this is only recommended for very motivated high school students and schools/co-ops with additional time available each week to devote to in-class course work.

Can The Master and His Apprentices be used to teach art history for AP or CLEP type exams?  The Master and His Apprentices is an excellent companion textbook when preparing for these exams; however, it should not be used as the sole preparation material. The works included on the AP exam, for instance, are constantly changing and The Master and His Apprentices may not cover all of the current works, particularly those in the modern and non-western sections.

Can you really study art history without showing nude artwork?  Yes. In fact, there are really only a few artists whose most famous pieces include nudity, such as Michelangelo’s David or Botticelli’s The Birth of Venus. In these cases, the works are mentioned in the artist’s bio so students understand when the works were created, but in The Master and His Apprentices, the nudity is not displayed. Does this detract from the artist’s skill? No, quite the contrary. Often, so much emphasis is put on Michelangelo’s David, for instance, that other equally executed works are ignored. Therefore, The Master and His Apprentices chose to highlight Michelangelo’s Pieta, Moses and Rebellious Slave sculptures which each contain equally striking technical execution, emotion and storytelling qualities.

Printing & Copies

I bought the digital textbook – can I print copies?  The author purposely formatted the book so it can be printed at home on standard 8 1/2″ x 11″ paper, 3-hole punched and stored in a binder. This is the author’s gift to homeschool families and private Christian schools to try and keep the cost as low as possible! In turn, we ask that you please contribute to the exorbitant cost (in both time and materials) to produce this work by purchasing a copy for each individual family/student/teacher and NOT printing more than one personal copy (which is also illegal).

I bought the teacher guide – can I print/make copies?  It is illegal to print, copy, share or resell consumable workbooks. However, the author is again providing a gift to the Christian community by selling the copy/printing rights for only $2/student! How does this work? If you are a homeschool parent with a single child taking the course, you just purchase a digital or physical copy and use it as is. However, if you are a homeschool parent, co-op teache, or private school teacher with 2+ students, you will need to purchase a physical or digital teacher guide that covers the first student and then pay $2 for each additional student taking the class. This provides you the right to print (from the digital version) or photocopy (from the perforated physical version) worksheets, exams, etc. for each student you have legally paid for. Click here for more information.

I bought a digital version but lost my “Download, Print & Use Instructions.” Do you have a copy?  Yes, a PDF of the “Download, Print & Use Instructions” for the digital textbook and teacher guide can be downloaded here.

Digital vs. Hardbound Editions

Which is more economical, the hardbound textbook or printing the digital version at home?  For schools/families that already have good, high-yield color printers or those that plan on only printing small sections and/or black and white copies, then the digital version is a good value. However, for those with old color printers that are not as efficient or others planning on having the book printed locally (Staples, OfficeMax, etc.), the hardbound version generally comes out cheaper.

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