The Complete Timeline from The Master and His Apprentices

(Free Downloadable and Printable Wall Length Timeline)

Download the Timeline (PDF) Here

The “Complete Timeline” (found on pages 336-343) shows all of the major art pieces highlighted in The Master and His Apprentices along with other main events — both biblical and secular. Just like on the individual “Chapter Timelines,” dates shown are circa (c.).  Therefore, they are approximate and listed as close as possible to the original date as verifiable source materials can prove.

This timeline is not meant to encompass all of the primary events of world history, simply the major events that affected the periods, people and art trends covered in this book. Of course, adding your own favorite people, events and other historical facts is always encouraged!

Print, Cut & Tape Instructions

Create a seamless wall-length timeline that is great for classrooms and timeline projects! First, print this document.  Second, cut along the dashed lines.  Lastly, tape together where indicated.  That’s it!  Simply hang assembled timeline on a wall or roll and store it with your textbook. One free download available with each book purchase.

With The Master and His Apprentices, you will literally SEE how art, archeology and the Bible line up in this fascinating exploration of people, places, world events and the incredible art that remains for us to enjoy.

The Master and His apprentices is a full high school credit course (textbook and teacher guide).  This also doubles as a great resource for adults wanting to expand their art appreciation!  Don’t have the book?  Click here for more information.